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Grace Training Supply, Inc. (GTS) Is an innovative company , owned and operated by Grace E. Rispoli, R.N., Who has been nursing in Orlando since 1970. From 1986-1992 Grace worked in a local community college as the lab supervisor where she became increasingly aware of the discrepancy between low cost, effective teaching methods and those being put into practice.

She recognized a great need to have skills kits which the student purchased. Enabling them to take responsibility for their skills practice (home and campus). And providing them with greater exposure to nursing products.


Grace E Rispoli, R.N.
President, GTS Inc.

Implementing the Skills Kits gave her the ability to do more creative things with her time, therefor enhancing the education of the students at her institution.

The idea of her kits spread word of mouth and one customer at a time Grace has built a thriving business of almost 100 schools across the U.S.A.

Our goal is to provide you with customized, professionally assembled nurse training kits for your students at an affordable rate. In order to best assist you in creating the most effective educational environment possible.

American Owned and Operated

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